Monday, April 30, 2007

Chocolate Crayons

Everyone always responds, "I hope you're writing this down!" So here's my latest experiment in writing down some cute Munchkin stories and having a little fun myself. Can't promise I'll update my site very often, but now I have a new place to write. Bear with me while I'm still trying to figure out how to add photos without it taking all day to download.

So what's the deal with "chocolate crayons?" Well, my son, who I'll refer to as "Munchkin" saw an ad in the Toys R Us flyer the other day in which kids were playing with sidewalk chalk. I told him that Mommy had some, and we could play with it sometime. Munchkin doesn't know the word, "chalk," yet, so when he asked about it later, he came up with "chocolate crayons." It's logical, when you think about it. Just so long as he doesn't think they are edible. I thought it was so cute that I named my blog site after it. Believe it or not, somebody else already has a blog site with the "chocolate crayons" address, so I had to modify it to "chocolate-crayon-family."

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