Saturday, May 5, 2007


Yesterday at the mall, Munchkin and I saw a man fixing the "S" in a department store sign. Munchkin was spellbound! He watched the man for at least 20 minutes as he climbed up and down the ladder and used various tools out of his tool bag. At one point, two preschool-age girls walked by with their mothers. Munchkin went nuts running around the girls and directing their attention by saying, "See man! See man!" The girls continued walking and Munchkin ran after them to try to take their hands and show them the "man!" He returned, a little disappointed, and continued his vigil.

As Munchkin and I were retelling the story to Daddy, I made a comment to Munchkin that when he grows up, he needs to find a girl who likes some of the same things that he likes. Munchkin answered matter of factly, "Table saws."

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