Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Icky, icky goo! (Cheese attempt #1)

Milk is funny stuff. This blog entry was supposed to be the glowing success story of how I made Mozzarella cheese, but instead I made Icky Goo. It wasn't that I didn't carefully follow the instructions -- I followed them to the letter. Of course, Ms. Carroll left out a step or two. She never even mentioned that the milk heats up faster if you turn on the correct burner! But I figured it out and by the time I reached the second to last step I was excited. I could see how it was working! If students turned milk into cheese in high school chemistry class, more girls might consider a career in science!

So I got to the last step and my lump of curds promptly turned into the consistency of that thick paste we used to use in grade school! It tastes all right, I guess (the curds, not the paste), but yuck! Don't tell my family, but I think I'll hide it in lasagna. I gave the leftover whey to my ailing tomato plant.

I figured the problem must have been the type of milk I used, but when I went back to the website this afternoon, it looks like I did some other stuff wrong, too. I'm going to try again with a different brand of milk and more complete instructions. Stay tuned for Cheese Attempt #2!

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