Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When it gets quiet

Munchkin is sick, poor kid. Probably picked up the bug at Sunday school and it kicked in on Tuesday. Today was a slow day as I kept him home to get better. He was in slower motion than usual, but my mommy-radar still clicked on every time things got too quiet in the house. Here's what he was doing...

#1 He got the bathroom step stool and put it in the middle of his trampoline. Then he sat on it and bounced. When I found him, he was just about to try it standing up.

#2 He was reading a book in the corner. (Shock!)

#3 He was laying down, sandwiched between the back of the couch and a cabinet and looking through a family photo album. He's not allowed to get the albums out by himself, but he was so darling I couldn't get mad. :)

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