Saturday, September 15, 2007

He was right, too!

While at Mount Rainier we went to a slide show about the massive flooding last November that closed the park for six months. We’d spent the morning hiking on the mountain and Munchkin was tired (see 9/8 post!). I thought a slide show in a nice dark room at 3:00 in the afternoon would put him right to sleep. We sat in the front of the auditorium and put Munchkin in his stroller. He didn’t protest, and, as the slide show began, I was sure he was getting very sleepy.

Everything was fine until the ranger showed slides from Sunshine Campground. I sincerely hope it’s not your favorite camping place because it’s not there anymore! The flood removed seven acres overnight. The ranger described it by saying that so much land washed away, it would fill 16,000 dump trucks. At which point Munchkin enthusiastically piped up loud and clear, "Then Scoop will come!"

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