Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mt. Rainier Trip

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping at Mt. Rainier National Park. I'll be telling some of the cute Munchkin stories over the next few posts, but I thought I'd start with this one...

The weather was perfect -- the best we've ever had on a camping trip to Rainier -- so we spent lots of time hiking around the wildflower meadows on the mountain. It was pretty quiet because the lodge is closed for renovation this summer. Next to the lodge, they are building a new visitor's center. They must be trying to beat the snow because they worked all weekend. Munchkin, of course, was spellbound. There were lifts and saws and Scoops! Oh my! ("Scoop" is the name that Bob the Builder uses for a backhoe loader. Munchkin calls anything with a scoop, "Scoop.")

At the end of vacation I asked Munchkin what was his favorite part of camping at Mt. Rainier. Munchkin answered, " 'struction mans!" (Construction mans)

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