Thursday, October 18, 2007

Local Meal #2 - One of life’s little ironies

On Monday I wrote about deciding to make (local) crockpot soup and then choking on the price of the pasta. Upon further consideration, I realized it was going to be hard to stick to my limit of one non-local ingredient if I also wanted fresh bread with the soup. As I thought about this, I cooked Monday night’s dinner: pork roast (so local that Munchkin fed the pig a couple times), baked CSA potatoes with local butter and local sour cream, and roasted CSA beets (a new experiment and now I know Scott doesn't like them). 100% local except for the oil and spices that are part of my "exceptions" anyway. So that’s my official local meal!

Yesterday I made the soup using local chicken, broth, vegetables and, of course, gold-plated pasta. I added a piece of Parmesan cheese rind in the soup for flavor (from Italy!). The soup was good (see 10/15 for link to recipe), but it tasted much the same as when I make it on the stove the hour before dinner, so the only real advantage was the do-ahead factor. I only used part of my luxury noodles (which were very nice, by the way), so I froze the rest to use in next month's turkey soup. :)

What I learned: If you are chopping onions as quickly as possible because your eyes are burning and then your toddler interrupts to show you something, don’t wipe away your tears with onion hands. Owwie!!!

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