Monday, October 15, 2007


For our mostly local meal this week, I'm making the crockpot noodle soup recipe that is on (Look for Oct. 9 - I can't figure out how to link right to it). It sounds wonderful. I decided to search out local pasta so I could use my one exception for my (no-longer) secret ingredient: Parmesan cheese rind. I have been as yet unable to locate Oregon wheat flour, even though I know wheat is grown in Oregon, but I found homemade pasta from a company that is in my own town. Excited, I didn't check the price before I took it to the cashier. $4.98 for one pound! Ouch! I think I see a pasta maker in my future.


2boysmom said...

Hey Donna:
Thanks for stopping by the blog the other day. I'm loving the eat local challenge so far. Did the soup turn out? I'm so excited to read your cheese making posts. I've only attempted yogurt cheese. Andrew is such a cutie! How old is he?


Donna said...

Thanks for leaving a comment -- I'm enjoying your blog, too.

The soup is in the crock pot right now and it smells delicious. I'll write about it in a later post. I'm afraid the cheese making is a little discouraging right now, but I plan to try again, and if that doesn't work, I'll order the DVD.

To answer your last question, Andrew is still 2, but my (totally unbiased!) opinion is that his verbal skills are advanced for his age. I think we're raising a comedian. :)

Katherine Gray said...

Sounds incredible! I'm finally back from my trip and have to get on my all-local meal!