Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheesemaking Attempt #4 (Part 2)

I'm getting closer, I guess. Part way through the process I wanted to scream at Ricki Carroll and her four sets of different instructions! I made one little mistake which was that I added the wrong amount of citric acid to the milk because the instructions when using milk powder are different than when using whole milk. Of course that little detail is mentioned on only one of the four sets of instructions plus video!

So the curd didn't look quite right, but I continued anyway and ended up with cheese that "stretched." That is a definite improvement and it means that my previous failed attempts were due to things I did wrong in the microwave stage, not the brand of milk. Good news. The bad news? My cheese did not taste like anything I would actually want to eat. Sigh. I've sent yet another email to Ricki's technical help person and am hoping for an answer soon.

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kim said...

I know, her instructions really could be a lot clearer!