Thursday, November 15, 2007

Local Meal (week 5) - Doctored up Leek Soup

A little over ten years ago I traveled to Kenya on a "trip of a lifetime" African safari. While there, I had hoped to taste local cuisine, but the lodges tried their best to serve European or even American food! The presentation was lovely, but the food was nothing special -- the best meal I had the whole trip I ate at an Indian restaurant. One evening, though, we were served a course of leek soup that I have tried many times to duplicate. I still haven’t found the right recipe, and perhaps I never will since I can’t duplicate the magic of the vacation.

For our local meal this week, I tried once again to reproduce that wonderful soup. I used local chicken broth (from last week), some of the last of my CSA potatoes, carrots, celery and leeks, and some non-local spices. The taste was bland and disappointing. I fried up bacon from our pig and crumbled it into the soup, which improved the flavor considerably, but I don’t think that’s how they did it in Africa!

Whenever I serve soup, I also serve something special that Scott will like, since soup is never his first choice for dinner. To dinner I added Buffalo grapes that I picked up at the farmers' market and I tried out a new recipe for honey dinner rolls that I plan to make for Thanksgiving. The rolls were wonderful, and the only non-local ingredients I had to use were flour and yeast. I served them with homemade (all local) honey butter. Let’s just say that I’d better make a LOT for turkey-day.

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Anita said...

Sorry to hear your soup was disappointing -- I love leek soup, too, but have yet to find a stellar one. I made a very complicated one for a Dark Days dinner a couple weeks back, but it definitely was not worth the effort. I'm guessing Mrs. Child has a good recipe in one of her many books, wouldn't you think?