Friday, November 23, 2007

Local Meal (week 6) - Thanksgiving

Since I hosted our family Thanksgiving, I decided to skip the meal challenge this week and just enjoy the local ingredients I was able to work into our Thanksgiving dinner. I used local honey, butter and eggs in my honey dinner rolls, local cranberries in the cranberry sauce, local walnuts in the "nuts ‘n bolts," and local celery, butter and leeks in the dressing for our free range, but not local, turkey. I also added carbonated water to my own grape juice to make sparkling grape juice, which was very good. Everybody raved about the meal. I would have enjoyed it just a little more had I not been sick and had my nose all plugged up, but such is life.

Andrew’s favorite part of the meal was ‘ssert! Here’s a picture of him eating Grandma's cookies while eyeing Grandpa’s pie!

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