Saturday, December 29, 2007

Munchkin's Saw Quilt

Last July, I took Scott and Munchkin with me on my annual pilgrimage to the quilt show in Sisters, Oregon. The guys, particularly Munchkin, were mostly unimpressed with the over 1000 quilts hanging out in the breeze. Then, after looking at many, many quilts, Munchkin got all excited and started shouting, "Saw quilt! Saw quilt!" I realized he was pointing at a quilt made with a "sawtooth" pattern, and the quilter had quilted it in spirals, making it look like there were sawblades. Pretty sharp for a two-year-old.

In October, I got Munchkin up from his nap one afternoon and he said, "There's a saw quilt in Sisters. We should go there and get one of those." Wow. So, what's a mom to do? I made him one. I couldn't find a similar pattern, so I printed out the picture from Sisters, enlarged a section of pattern to the size I wanted, and measured it. I made the quilt the size of a bedspread for a toddler bed since we're converting his crib sometime next weekend.

We have video of Munchkin unwrapping his "saw quilt." I was a little disappointed that he didn't recognize it at first, but then I held it farther away from him so he could see the pattern. After he figured out what it was, he jumped all over the "sawblades" saying that they were sharp and cutting his toes! I think he'll enjoy it.

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