Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I don't know if I can do this one justice, but I'll try. The other day, Scott casually mentioned to Munchkin that someday he wants to take a train ride to Seattle and go see a Mariner's game. A while later, Munchkin decided he was going to Seattle. He began before dinner, talked all the way through dinner, and went into overdrive after dinner talking about his trip to Seee-attle and "packing" the entire contents of one of my kitchen cabinets into paper bags. We asked questions a la "Kid's say the darndest things" and Munchkin had an answer for everything. At one point we turned on the video recorder and left it on until it ran out of tape. It's too bad it's too long for America's Funniest because it's worthy. The length is part of its charm, though. Some sample questions:

How would he get to Seattle? By car, plane, train and taxi.
What would he do when he got there? It wouldn't be dinner, yet, so they would cook him dinner.
Where would he stay? He had Seee-attle friends.
Does he know Bill Gates? He does NOT.
Has he bought the plane tickets? He has.
How did he pay for them? He has a cash register. He bought it at Walmart.
Why is he packing all the water bottles? They might not have water in Seee-attle.
What else is he going to eat? He's bringing yogurt.
Did he bring any ice cream? No, he forgot ice cream.

It went on for at least 90 minutes. Munchkin talked continuously as he energetically packed and packed. What a hoot! By the next morning, he was on to something else.


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