Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dark Days Challenge: The Sequel

Well, the "should I continue" poll results are in: 3 in favor and 2 in favor and participating. Many thanks to readers who voted or left comments. Laura at Urban Hennery got a great response, so the challenge continues and I’m in! The one significant change is that it will now be bi-weekly, which will make it easier for everybody. I’m also dropping my “source a new ingredient each month” requirement.

My first official meal for January consisted of pork chops (from our pig, of course!) with fried apples and onions. I used local apple cider and the results were delicious. I served it with delicata squash baked with butter and honey. Everything was local except the salt and pepper, although the salt was RealSalt, which my dad picked up for me when he was in Utah, so I think it should count as local, too. Who knew it was so easy to eat local in January?!! Of course, I did it for only one meal. :)

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Green Bean said...

Hey Donnna, love all your book reviews. I'm from Dark Days and it's nice to get out and see what other folks are cookin' up.