Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dark Days: You win some, you lose some

Munchkin has been sick since Sunday (now he's getting better and I've got it!) and the outdoor thermometer has been stuck at 33 degrees all week, so I've been spending waaaaay too much time in the house. Wednesday, I decided to try making bagels for the first time (see photo). I did a couple things wrong, but they still tasted really good. On Friday we had tears when Munchkin found out that Daddy had taken the last bagel to work.

The downside of the making of the bagels became apparent when I heard an awful grinding sound in the garbage disposal. Scott fished out the remains of a metal ring that served as a washer to my bread machine's bread pan. Hours of research on the internet & phone revealed that, naturally, they no longer make the part. Anybody have an extra bread pan for a Breadman TR800?

Unable to use my machine, Friday I tried a recipe for bread made the normal way. It's a really forgiving recipe from Laura Colwin's book "Home Cooking." Unfortunately, it does not forgive when you use a dark colored pan and then get tied up teaching a piano lesson. I didn't think it looked that bad (see other photo), but when Scott came home he asked, "What's that? It looks like a seal." A minute or two later Munchkin noticed and said, "Mommy, this bread doesn't look too awesome." As of now, half the loaf remains on the counter. (Hey, at least they ate half the loaf!)

Neither of my bread experiments used local flour this time, but I'm including them under the Eat Local challenge anyway because, well, they were certainly homemade and they also gave me a way to use up my remaining (non-local) flour while I wait for my first Azure Farms order on Tuesday! I also got a call this afternoon that the store my pasta maker came from finally has more of them in stock. I had to return mine since when I opened the box, it looked like somebody at the factory had stepped on it. So stay tuned for uses for local flour!


Anita said...

I think our bagels look adorable! Nobody would mistake them for store-bought, but that's what I like about them.

Sorry to hear about the bread machine woes -- My mom finds working bread machines all the time at Goodwill, Deseret Thrift and all of the other thrift stores she haunts... maybe you can pick up a whole new machine pretty cheaply?

kale for sale said...

I made bread this last weekend that looked quite similar. My problem was either storing the yeast in the freezer or using organic yeast instead of Fleishman's as my aunt said. But it tasted great. Just extra chewy. And we had fun.

Donna said...

Anita: Thanks for the really great write-up! You did a wonderful job. I found my bread machine model number on ebay and got the whole machine for what I would have paid for a replacement pan, so I'm back in business again. Thanks for the tip.

Kale: I'm glad it's not just me. :) We'll just keep trying until it looks "artisan!"