Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dark Days: Another discovery

Well, I have to say that today’s local discovery was a little embarrassing, but I suppose I’ll get over it. The backstory began when I learned that a little corner health food store near us now carries wonderful grass-fed Noris milk. It’s terribly expensive, but I ordered some once and it is oh, so good. I still had glass bottles from Noris that came with a $2 deposit each, so this afternoon Munchkin and I went to the neighborhood grocer and paid for a half gallon of heaven by turning in enough bottles to cover it. While we were there, I checked out the produce section.

I’ve been chasing all over town trying to find local produce, including the disappointing special trip I made last week, and here is a little store that has anything from Oregon or Washington labeled! By farm! They don’t have much local produce right now, of course, but what they do have looked great. They carry Noris milk, Deck Farm eggs, and who knows what else I didn’t have time to look at. I’ve always written off this little store as exorbitantly expensive, but I went ahead and bought some local lettuce and Washington onions -- the prices were less than I've paid recently. As I was leaving, I saw another item that I purchased for $12.99 last weekend from a much larger store. This little store had it for $9.50. And the embarrassing part? They are .7 miles from my house.

Our local dinner this week was less inspiring than last week's, but tasty, just the same. This evening we ate pork roast which turned out delicious both due to the fact that it was from our pig and also that I used Alice Waters’ instructions. To the roast I added my last two local potatoes and a green salad made with local lettuce (!!!!!), leeks and carrots. The red bell pepper that I included couldn't possibly have been local.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to enjoy a glass of that milk!

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