Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The downside to indoor plumbing...

This past weekend we visited friends in McCloud and we had a great time (despite Munchkin and I getting sick), but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about what happened yesterday on the way home...

We pulled up to a gas station in Mt. Shasta City and since I was not feeling well at all, I went inside the convenience store to visit the bathroom. It was a grimy place and while there, I noticed that the background noise stopped and the lights in the bathroom turned off. This wasn't a big deal since there was a skylight, so I thought nothing of it until I walked out and saw that the store was dark and locked up

Scott was circling around the gas pumps to come and pick me up, so I waved my hands from the window to get his attention. We could talk a little through the door and he told me he had just seen two guys leave the store and drive away. Besides that, the gas station didn't even have gas. About then, a phone rang. I followed the sound and picked up what I thought was a cel phone laying on one of the tables. It was somebody trying to order barbeque. I hung up after telling the caller that it wasn't my phone. Then, I used the phone to call the local police. The dispatcher was very friendly and said she'd call someone. A short while later, she called back to the same phone and told me that the owner was on his way over to get me out. In the meantime, Scott fumed and poor Munchkin worried and "called" both the police and the fire department asking if they could get mommy out!

Long story short, the owner showed up fairly soon (I think I was locked in about 20 minutes total, but it seemed longer) and let me out. He mumbled, "Sorry, I didn't know you were in here," and then breezed right by. It turns out it actually was some kind of Barbeque place. When I realized that I had been using their own phone, I wished I'd called Australia!

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