Friday, March 21, 2008

How to entertain a toddler

Recently, our smoke detector started chirping and going off without reason. Not exactly fun when it wakes up the small child... Anyway, we ended up having to replace the whole unit and Scott installed it. Munchkin was soooooo excited! Daddy used tools and a ladder!!! To replace a fire alarm!!!

After the smoke detector was up and the tools were put away, Munchkin got out his Little People and had them replace the "fire alarm" in his lego house. He then put the "broken" alarm in his dump truck and drove it to the Get Well Shop to be fixed.

This morning Munchkin built a "chicken coop" out of his bed and some boxes. He made it for the yarn Easter chickens and their eggs. After building the whole coop, he installed not one, but two smoke detectors. He said that was because there were two chickens. He also said it would go off whenever they cooked something... (Our new unit is so sensitive it's driving me crazy!) Anyway, the coop was cute and I wanted to take a picture, but Scott took the camera to work this morning. Maybe Munchkin will do it again.


Joyce said...

You know, this is such a precious record of your son's early childhood! I wish every mom took the time to do this, whether in a blog or in a notebook. I didn't do it, and now that my four are grown, I know there are so many little daily "funnies" that are completely buried in my memory, and I can't find them.

Donna said...

Thanks. That's exactly why I'm doing this. If I don't write down the stories, it seems they're gone in a day or two. The relatives at the "far away house" also enjoy keeping current. :)