Thursday, April 24, 2008

Be a bookworm with me!

My favorite blogger, Green Bean, has issued a challenge for May that I just can't pass up! She's encouraging her readers to read an ecologically relevant book and then report back about it. (For more details, click on the bookworm on my blog sidebar and it will take you there.)

The whole idea behind challenges is that you stretch yourself, and so I feel like a cheater even calling this a "challenge" for myself. As a kid, I remember being limited to only ten books/week from the library. Once, I got "lost" while my mom frantically called all my friends looking for me. She found me when I walked out of my bedroom having finished reading a good book. And now in the 21st century, I really enjoy reading books and then writing reviews on my blog.

Anyway, challenging or not, this will be fun. I haven't selected a book, yet, although I have some ideas. I'd love suggestions if anyone has a favorite. Also, anybody want to join me?


Green Bean said...

Too true. It is a bit of an easy challenge for us bookworms, isn't it. I remember staying up until 3am on school nights reading Little Women under the covers with a flashlight. Books are amazing.

kale for sale said...

I'm with you - it does seem like cheating to do this challenge but really fun too. I look forward to see what book you come up with. I'm considering two different ones and will decide this weekend after seeing the author of one, Claire Hope Cummings who wrote Seeds of Peril.

Donna said...

Thanks, fellow bookworms! I'm still figuring out what book I'm going to read. I started a new one last night, but ditched it since it was too much like another I'd already read.