Monday, April 7, 2008

Classics: Munchkin's first words

Munchkin spent all morning playing "fireman," which means that he put out fake fires with fake water (we have had to be very clear that he can't use real water in the house!), chopped with his ax, rescued kitty cats and a dalmation from trees, and responded to calls for smashed cars. The sofa was the fire engine (equipped with all his gear including his "locker") and an empty yogurt cup was his radio. It was cute, and it reminded me of a story that happened when Munchkin was first learning to talk. He knew only a few words, but even then he knew exactly how to use them!

One afternoon when Munchkin was about 18 months old, we heard the sound of a siren. I looked out the window and realized there was an accident right in front of our house, so I took Munchkin outside to see what had happened. Munchkin looked and saw a guy lying in the street with paramedics all around so he said, "Uh-oh." Then he turned the other way and saw a fire engine with lights flashing and said, "Wow!"

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Joyce said...

LOL! We live in the same block as a fire department substation. When our third son was barely standing, he would watch the firetrucks pass through our front picture window, and make his first "intelligible" sound-a siren!