Sunday, April 27, 2008

The present

Scott's birthday is coming up, and so I asked Munchkin to think about what we should get Daddy for a present. He started with the usual: planer, joiner, and a compound miter saw, but then things got a little more interesting. Here are some of Munchkin's ideas...

(The first requires some explaination. I have one of those little hammers with screwdrivers in the handle and Scott makes fun of it on a regular basis, calling it "wimpy." But I keep it in the kitchen and Scott's tools are in the garage, so he uses mine. Used it so much that he finally broke it.)
Munchkin: Do you think Daddy would like a new wimpy hammer?

Munchkin: We could get Daddy a lawnmower!
Mommy: But we don't have a lawn.
Munchkin: (thinks) The neighbors have a lawn. Daddy could mow their lawn.

Munchkin: Would Daddy like a new thermostat?
Mommy: What would he do with it?
Munchkin: He could put it in with screws and a screwdriver!"

Munchkin: Maybe we could get Daddy a bandsaw!

And finally,
Munchkin: I know! We could get Daddy a kitty!

I bought none of the above, so happy birthday, dear! And happy birthday, Mom! And happy birthday Uncle Dave! And happy birthday Uncle Darryl! And happy birthday cousin-in-law Rod! (Yes, they all have the same birthday!)


Green Bean said...

My sons think like that too. It is so sweet and I really cherish the innocence.

Melissa said...

How cute! Thanks for the laugh this morning.
My kids are very similar.

Donna said...

Thanks green bean & Melissa. Last night after birthday cake, Andrew wanted to take Daddy shopping, see which power tool he wanted to buy, and see if it was 'spensive!

CindyW said...
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Donna said...
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