Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tractor kid

Saturday was gorgeous here in western Oregon and so we (along with almost everyone else in the Willamette valley!) did our annual pilgrimage to the tulip farm in Woodburn. Munchkin's favorite part, and the part he's been anticipating for weeks, was the John Deere tractor that is always set up in the fields for kids to climb on. The above photo shows Munchkin practically dragging Scott to the tractor. Anyway, Munchkin climbed up and started "driving" and pushing the gear shift around. As he did, he asked, "Mommy? Did I bring my driver's license?"

It's a good thing we went on Saturday, because the next morning Munchkin woke us up crying and with a high fever. I've never seen him so sick as he was on Sunday. Long story short, a visit to the doctor confirmed pneumonia, and we are happy to say that he's now doing so much better that when I got him up this morning, he begged me to pull his bed away from the wall so he could show me a bug!

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