Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cute little tattletale!

My husband doesn't like spinach. I try cooking it in something probably once every other year and he makes sure to tell me he does not like spinach. But I've had a little secret. I can serve spinach raw in a salad if I call it lettuce! So I make my favorite "lettuce" salads all summer and Scott gobbles them up without batting an eye.

I decided not to do the CSA this year and instead try to grow some of my own veggies and purchase the rest at the farmers' market. I don't think I'll save any money doing it this way, but I enjoy shopping at the market and I can get just what I want. My garden, on the other hand, has been pathetic. A neighbor planted some fast growing trees in his yard and they have completely blocked the sunlight from the only patch where I can grow veggies. I thought maybe some cool season veggies might grow anyway and so I've planted seeds without much success. Munchkin has been helping. So what did Munchkin say when Daddy came home from work the other day? "Mommy's growing spinach!"

Scott grimaced and asked if I was going to try to sneak it in somewhere. Little did he know that I didn't have enough lettuce leaves for that evening's salad so I added spinach leaves. So far he hasn't asked which plant in my garden is the spinach, so I think I'm OK until Munchkin tells him.

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