Friday, May 16, 2008

Got cones?

Yesterday I needed to practice a Gershwin piece on the piano for an event coming up. I haven’t played much in the last couple years partially because it’s so difficult to get practice time while taking care of an active little boy...

Anyway, time was short and so I decided not to wait for Scott to come home, but instead to practice with Munchkin underfoot. He was all over the keys, the bench, the pedals, underneath the piano "fixing" it with his screwdriver, and more. Then, he got out his drum to play along with me. Practicing "I’ve Got Rhythm" while being accompanied by a three-year-old drummer is not as easy as it looks.

Finally, I told him to get out all my Tupperware and set up "cones" around the piano. Pretend the piano is a big hole that no one should step in. He did it. And then he curled up on the sofa with a book until I was finished.

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Joyce said...

Boy, do I remember! My cat even had to sing along when I was practicing! At least the kids learned by by observation that practicing is important, which helped when they started music lessons later on.