Monday, May 5, 2008

Mexican food

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
I almost forgot about Cinco de Mayo today, but when Munchkin and I were shopping this morning, something reminded me. Having already bought all our food & ingredients for the week, I decided to just drop by my favorite Latino market for a little Mexican junk food. I have a weakness for the Sidral Mundet (carbonated apple cider) that I remember from my childhood and also for "Rueditas" or pinwheels that I discovered in the last couple years.
OK, this is hardly local, but did you know that Mexican sodas are still made with sugar? No corn syrup! My favorite soda tastes the same as it did years ago when I visited Central America. The only change is the nutrition label they stick on the glass bottle for US sales. The soda contains: carbonated water, sugar, apple juice, citric acid, carmel color, and sodium benzoate. I'm not wild about the last two ingredients, but otherwise it's junk food made from real ingredients!
Pinwheels are made right at the market from wheat flour, salt, cornstarch, baking soda, vegetable oil, and yellow food coloring. They are dough that is cut into pinwheel shapes and then deep fried until crispy. Nice and crunchy, not to mention addicting. But, hey, it's real junk food! Sometimes I shop the latino foods aisle at the grocery store just so I can find stuff that's not filled with chemicals. Yay Mexico!


Green Bean said...

Yeah, it is interesting to note that food made for other culutres is lacking all that good old American corn syrup and other additives, isn't it? I have a friend who buys their Coca Cola from Mexico because it is made with sugar instead of corn syrup. Of course the better alternative is to skip the soda but sometimes . . . well, you know (as I bite into a homemade brownie).

Donna said...

I've had Mexican coke, too, and it's very good. :) You make me hungry with that brownie, though!