Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Be a bookworm!

Green Bean Dreams has been running a reading challenge the last two months that has become so popular that the Bean is launching a spin-off: The Blogging Bookworm! It's a blog book club where everybody can share about the latest (ecologically relevant) book they've read, check out reviews from others, and more.

The blog site will be maintained by fellow bloggers: Green Bean, kale for sale, Going Crunchy, and by me. Who knew that the little girl who got lost reading in her own bedroom would someday be blogging about books! (Hey, I wasn't lost -- I was reading! It was only my parents who thought I was lost!) Anyway, I'm excited about this new venture and I encourage all my Chocolate Crayon fans to check out the site, grab a cute little worm button if you want, and curl up with a good book!


Green Bean said...

I was lost in books too as a child. Nothing was better than staying up late, under the covers with a flashlight, going on some magical adventure. We make a good team. :)

Donna said...

Thanks, GB, this is going to be fun!