Thursday, June 12, 2008

OLS #2: Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

After reading about the wonderful meals the pacific northwest branch of OLS cooked up last week, I decided to try harder to use local ingredients! Of course, eating local will get easier when the weather finally warms up, but I should be able to make a meal with what I’ve got now.

For this week’s meal I decided to feature local red beans. I started off by forgetting to soak them, but fortunately, there’s an easy fix. Put dried beans in a pot, cover them with water and bring just to a boil. Then, let them sit for about 4 hours, replace the water and cook as normal. Every time I cook beans I plan to soak them all night, forget, and use the quick method. It works just fine.

While the beans were soaking, I got out my slow cooker recipe book and figured I could adapt a recipe for the stove. I ended up combining two recipes so I’ll try to remember how I did it... After cooking the beans half an hour, I added chopped up bacon ends, garlic, a whole sweet onion including the green part, salt and pepper. I cooked it for another hour, but it needed something, so I tossed in a bay leaf. About 30 minutes before it was done, I added cans of tomato sauce and tomato paste. I served it over rice, and with a tossed green salad.

I thought it tasted great. My husband looked at it suspiciously, although I noticed he ate it all. :) I hadn’t served any to Munchkin since he is such a picky eater, but near the end of dinner he wanted some of Daddy’s rice and beans. I gave him one bean and a tiny spoonful of rice. He ate the rice!!! He liked it!!! I know that sounds strange, but he’s never actually swallowed any rice before. Then, Munchkin put the bean in his mouth. I waited and watched as he didn’t spit it out immediately. It took a minute or two, but he decided to swallow it! I offered some more, and he accepted and ate those, too! He told me he's growing up! I think beans really are the magical fruit!

Red beans - Azure Farms, OR
Bacon - our pig
Vegetables (garlic, onions, lettuce, radish, carrots) - Farmers market
Rice - Lundberg Farm, CA (it’s as close as I can get)
Tomato sauce & paste - canned - I haven’t seen a local tomato in Oregon, yet
Salt, pepper, bay leaf - exempt


Joyce said...

Some how we had that little jingle worded differently: "Beans beans, the musical fruit"...Does yours end with the word "toot"?

Donna said...

Yes, and your version makes more sense!

kale for sale said...

And the way we said it was - bean soup, the musical fruit .... I like your twist on it though - magical. I laughed at your husband being suspicious. Mine is too. Especially at all the green food I put in front of him but like yours, he eats it all. Lastly, as a California girl I love Lundberg brown rice. We switch between Massa's and Lundberg, both grown here. Funny but I never thought people out of state got to eat it too. (I've obviously been to too many farmers' market and my brain has become slow.)

Donna said...

Katrina, That's funny. And here I thought it was an original little jingle! I LOVE Lundberg rice. I have to buy it at a little health food market since it's not in our regular grocery stores, but it's worth it!