Monday, June 30, 2008

We can't have that!

Recently we spent an afternoon walking around downtown Portland (a real treat, if you've not been there before) and we observed an unusual street musician. He sat at a street corner by a lamp post surrounded by overturned five gallon paint buckets. As we watched, he performed an elaborate percussion solo using drumsticks on the paint buckets and the lamp post. After he finished he offered his drumsticks to Munchkin, but Munchkin was too awed to try it himself. He gets a little tongue-tied around his heros.

Several days later, Munchkin talked about the drummer and declared, "He needs to stop doing that!" I asked why and Munchkin explained, "He might ruin the paint buckets."


Joyce said...

Okay, so not a percussionist. Does he like to use TP tubes as trumpets? That seems to be the precurser behavior for brass players.

Donna said...

He prefers to use the long cardboard tubes that come from wrapping paper. What does that mean?

Joyce said...

Either a trombonist or herald trumpet. Either way, expect a lot of noise! But I was always glad I didn't raise any drummers, because the garaage band always practices at the drummer's house. I would never have had the patience for that!