Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's (another) mystery! (Update)

My vegetable garden is pathetic. And it's not all my fault. Our previous neighbor, in an attempt to block the view of our backyard from his second story deck, planted some very fast growing trees. The result is no sun in our backyard after 12:30 pm. I could plant in the front yard, but I'd only be adding to the all-you-can-eat buffet for our deer.

Anyway, trying to improve the state of my garden, a week or so ago I dumped last year's compost pile on my garden and mixed it in. I thought if I couldn't get more sun, at least I could improve the condition of the soil. The compost wasn't completely done, but I didn't see why that would matter much under the circumstances.

Much to my surprise, I now have vegetable(?) seedlings growing where I dumped the compost. Can anybody out there in blogland identify these? (Update: Could the first one be watermelon?)


Amy said...

HI Donna-

I think the first picture is squash (maybe crookneck?).


kale for sale said...

My first thought is melon and potato or beans. Do we get a prize if we're right?

Donna said...

Amy: Squash was my first guess, too. We ate a lot of different varieties from the CSA last summer so who knows what kind it is! I don't think it's zucchini.

Kale: Melon got me thinking... could be watermelon! The second is the biggest puzzle.

Tell you what, if either of them produce anything that resembles food, I'll send you some of the seeds if you're right!

Melissa said...

my guess is watermelon also...and the second, some sort of bean maybe?

Donna said...

Melissa: Thanks for your guesses. I'll post a picture after they grow some more and see if it becomes more clear. Unfortunately, if it is indeed watermelon, we'll never get any because there's not enough sun in my backyard. :(

leslie said...

Cucumber and potato!