Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mystery plant (a little bigger)

OK, you garden detectives out there! My mystery plants are growing vigorously! Well, the first one is growing vigorously -- I'm afraid we'll never know for sure what the other one was because I forgot to water it and it died. Sorry. Did I mention I wasn't much of a gardener?

Anyway, the guesses on the remaining plant were: squash (crookneck?), melon (watermelon?) and cucumber. I ended up with about 20 plants, so I thinned them out this evening. The roots weren't deep and I didn't recognize the smell on my hands so I know for sure it's not zucchini. If you're new to this challenge and want to see what the seedlings looked like, click here. Anybody want to update their guess? Can you rule anything out?


ib mommy said...

Hi! I came over from greenbeans bushel basket the other day and you were on vacation:)

I would guess this is a squash, too. I had a volunteer come up from my compost and it took me the longest time to figure out it was a butternut. It's funny to have to remember what you ate last year to figure out what you're growing this year!

kale for sale said...

This is like a game show. Music in the background, the clock ticking ... Lemon cucumber, she shouts. The host rips open the envelope and another commercial pops up on the screen. Or in this case mother nature making us wait to see what fruit she will produce. Don't let it die though or we'll never know!

Donna said...

ib mommy: Welcome! I guess ours could be butternut, too, but I hope not because we don't like it! We had one last fall from the CSA and I waited too long to cook it, so it rotted. And went into the compost pile.

kale: LOL! I promise I'll try to remember to water it. :)

Hey, does anybody think it could be pumpkin?

Green Bean said...

I vote for winter squash. I've got a couple varieties planted in my front yard. For me, the leaves look the same on the banana squash and the pumpkins. I can only tell which is which once the fruit starts to form. Let ue know when the happens.