Thursday, July 17, 2008

OLS #7 from our new favorite farm

This morning I went through the classifieds looking for a place Munchkin and I could go cherry picking. I called the farm we used last year and the conversation went something like this...

Me: Hi! Do you still have u-pick cherries?
Them (sounding like Eeyore): Well, they're almost all gone and you have to use a ladder to get to the tops of the trees to pick what's left, but I suppose you could still come.

So I tried someplace else...
Me: Hi! Do you still have u-pick cherries?
Them (cheery): Oh, our trees are loaded! We have the best crop we've ever had and they're hanging so low even kids can pick them!

What was even better, was that when we got there and the lady showed us around, she pointed out four varieties including our absolute favorite, Rainiers! She told us to make sure to sample from each tree before we started picking so we could choose the best tasting cherries. Munchkin and I picked a lot. And I had to hold branches down for him, but the cherries were hanging so low that even a 3-year-old could reach them. After we finished picking, I bought the rest of the produce we need for the week from their farm stand including just-picked corn.

Tonight's dinner was easy:
Local grass-fed beef cube steaks - I get these in a "package" deal from my butcher and I never know what to do with them. This time I broiled them and basted with BBQ sauce (non-local). They were OK.
Fresh corn on the cob - our new favorite farm.
Big bowl of fresh Rainier cherries - hand picked this morning.

We're going to snack on fresh cherries until the weekend, when my husband wants to make Cherry Garcia ice cream (the recipe is from the Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book) and I want to attempt my first cherry jam.


Joyce said...

He looks so cute with that big bucket! Donna, now you'll really have to read him "Blueberries For Sal"! He'll know just what is gong on in the story because he's been berry picking.

Donna said...

It's on my list for the library -- I'm sure we'll enjoy it!