Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Muffin

We went out for dinner to a little restaurant that is one of our favorites. Every time we go there, Scott orders the same thing and I order the same thing. I hadn't realized how Munchkin had paid attention to that detail until the waitress came by to ask if she could get us something to drink. Munchkin promptly responded, "Daddy wants a muffin!"

When she took our order, and so Daddy could enjoy his muffin, we also ordered one for Munchkin.

Later, the waitress returned to ask if everything was OK. She saw Munchkin's bare plate and asked if he liked his muffin. Munchkin answered, "Umm, umm, I'm trying to eat all the crumbs!"


Bugs and Brooms said...

They are too smart!

And I love all of your food posts - you always make me hungry!

CindyW said...

So cute!

We had to teach our girls not to lick their plates (at least not in public) even if the food and its crumbs are insanely good. They'd say, "but Jazz does it." She is our dog.

Donna said...
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