Monday, September 29, 2008

The coming flood (Update)

I'm afraid this isn't going to be a very humorous post, but I know that there are a lot of people out there who aren't laughing right now, anyway. I wanted to pass along a portion of a newsletter I received Saturday from David Wilkerson.

David Wilkerson is probably best known for foundingTeen Challenge decades ago. He works out of the Times Square church in New York City, now, and he has a unique ministry as a modern-day prophet. Not everybody agrees with him, and he certainly doesn't have a red telephone line directly to God, but he has given some amazingly correct prophecies over the years. Eight years ago, he got his church to hold an around-the-clock prayer virgil because he prophesied that something really bad was going to happen to New York. They prayed 24-7 for a month before 9-11 occured, across the street from their church. So he's got some credibility.

I subscribe to his (free) newsletter which comes out every three weeks. Wilkerson predicted the mortgage mess a couple years ago, and just this past weekend I received this in the mail. This excerpt is from the cover letter, and there's plenty more in his "sermon" that is also part of the newsletter. If you want to subscribe or read more, you can get there from this link.

I found this letter fascinating, particularly considering the things my (not necessarily Christian) green blogging friends have been talking about. I think you'll find it interesting no matter what you believe. Here's the quote from the newsletter:

(Update: I just found on the World Challenge website that I can't post an exerpt from the letter on my blog. So you'll have to follow the link and read it for yourself. Sorry!)


Joyce said...

Whoa. I'm glad my house is built on a Rock.

Thanks for posting this.

kale for sale said...

Thank you for posting this. I did find it interesting (and a little scary).

Donna said...

joyce: Yeah, me too.

kale: Yeah, me too.

I think we're in uncharted territory right now and it will be interesting to see what happens. I hope Dave Wilkerson is wrong (it has happened before!), but my guess is that he's right.

Bugs and Brooms said...

Thanks for the link Donna. It was scary to read but I believe it - we have been trying to put his ideas into practice for a while now but still have a lot to do. And even with the so-called rescue plan for the economy, I think we are in for some REALLY hard times ahead. Our problems are just too systemic. And not just the economy. Anyway, I get carried away about these things - things again for posting the link!

Going Crunchy said...

Hi Donna,
Gosh, I read the Teen Challenge books over and over when I was a teen. I haven't thought about him, or his story in eons. I had a little flashback when I was reading this.

Thanks so much for posting this. Shan

Donna said...

Shannon: I read them when I was a teen, too! And yes, he's still around! Thanks for dropping by.