Friday, September 5, 2008


All day we walked around the city of Victoria, I kept my eye out for an appropriate souvenir. I wanted something distinctly Canadian – none of this made-in-China junk with a logo on it! A bottle of Canadian maple syrup seemed perfect, but the prices were so outrageous for an amount of syrup barely able to cover two pancakes that I could almost see "sucker!" written all over the labels.

About an hour before we had to report back to the ferry we let Munchkin have some wiggle time in the gardens surrounding the Parliament building. As I relaxed, Scott discovered that we could get in on a tour of the building. The tour was refreshing as we walked through no security checks and no metal detectors. They didn’t even record our names -- it was lovely.

At the end of the tour, our guide told us that the Parliament building is lit up at night with over 3300 light bulbs. They recently changed the light bulbs to a more energy-efficient variety and then, instead of throwing away the old light bulbs, they turned them into Christmas ornaments and sold them in the gift shop. I finally found my souvenir. Distinctly Canadian, it was perfect. When I went to purchase the ornament, I was dismayed to discover that they were all sold out except for the model in the display case. My dismay turned into delight when the tour guide offered to sell me the display model. I got the last light bulb.

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