Friday, October 31, 2008


Before anybody tries to tell me that spiders have eight legs, let me just say that cutting licorice into little strips isn't as easy as it looks!

I baked these cupcakes for the harvest party this evening at our church. Munchkin helped. I'd post a picture of the ones he decorated, but I'm afraid it might cost you your appetite. Even Scott won't touch them. :) Anyway, Munchkin was not very happy about the prospect of giving up my cupcakes to become prizes in the "cakewalk." He insisted that he would do the cakewalk and win back the cupcakes.

Among all the fun activities this evening, we happened upon the cakewalk. Naturally, Munchkin wanted to try it. I was only going to let him do one or two rounds because Scott was already carrying a load of stuff (Munchkin's firecoat, his hat, his candy bag, a gift from Grandma, can't remember what else). On the second round, Munchkin won and got to choose his prize from a whole table of cupcakes. You'll never guess what he picked.


Joyce said...

This must be a new Orgegonian species of spider. Found only in the homes firemen who work construction in their spare time, or construction workers who are firemen in their spare time. And drive backhoes to work.

Green Bean said...

Yeah but those look like some mighty tasty spiders! Too cute, Donna.