Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eating local in October

This has been the weirdest year for weather here in Oregon and so much has ripened late that the best farmers' market shopping has been in the fall! During the month of September I've been cooking better local dinners (eg. shish kabobs, London broil with new potatoes and green beans, roasted chicken with corn on the cob and fresh green salad, pork roast with local homemade applesauce) with less effort than I did all summer and thinking, "Oh, this would make a great local meal post!" But then I remember that the One Local Summer challenge ended in August and I never get around to writing the posts.

Well, the locavores are once again hosting an "Eat Local Challenge" for the month of October and I've decided to sign up! They've relaxed the rules considerably since they first began, which has made it possible for me to join in. I believe when they first started, the idea was to eat entirely local foods for the entire month. I could do it, I think, but I've got a very busy 3-year-old, a husband and a job, and I don't want to commit the time required. This year, everybody sets their own rules. Mine are:

1. Local means the food is grown in the state of Oregon.

2. My exceptions include: spices, oils, flour, rice, and baking ingredients like baking powder. When I signed up, I forgot to include sugar in my exceptions list, so I'll try to use local honey instead.

3. My goal is to prepare one entirely local (minus exceptions) dinner each week and use as many local ingredients as possible in the rest.

I cooked my first dinner for the new challenge last night. I'll share about it tomorrow.

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