Monday, November 3, 2008

Better than Santa

So Munchkin is still hung over on sugar from the weekend, he's all Wiggles, and it's raining buckets outside. I decided to take him to a mall where there is an indoor play area. I parked at the far end in order to give him even more exercise, and he ran top speed through the mall just as I intended until...

There was a workman setting up the Christmas display where Santa will sit. The guy was oblivious to the 3-year-old who followed his every move as he walked around wearing a toolbelt and using a drill. We only had an hour, and it took me over half that time to drag Munchkin away to someplace where he would get some exercise. The big guy in the red suit has never interested Munchkin very much, but the workman was irrestistable.

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