Friday, November 28, 2008

Playground antics

This afternoon, Scott and I took Munchkin to a the playground at my old gradeschool. The play equipment may be all different, but the memories still come flooding back! Anyway, there was another little boy (Alex) about Munchkin's age and the two hit it off right away.

There were a lot of funny moments. My favorite was when Alex rode his bicycle around the playground while Munchkin chased after him on foot (Munchkin was faster). As Munchkin gained on Alex, Munchkin yelled, "Here comes the police!" Then he gave Alex a "ticket" for going too fast.

Scott's favorite moment also occured as Munchkin chased Alex, trying to grab onto Alex's bicycle. Alex said something to his dad as he rode by and the dad translated for us. He said, "Alex just told me in Chinese, 'He wants me to stop, but I want to keep going!'"

But the best was probably when Alex got his bike stuck in the mud in a grassy area and his dad had to help him get out. As soon as Alex had his bike back on the pavement, Munchkin said, "Let's get stuck in the garden again!"

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