Monday, January 19, 2009

Home, Mommy!

It's been so stinkin' cold here in the Willamette valley, and reports of such balmy weather over at the coast, that we decided to go there and get warm! Amazing, but true, it was 26 degrees at home and when we got to the beach it was 60 degrees and counting.

After a lovely day, time came for us to leave and since I was at the wheel, Scott said, "Take us home, James." Munchkin protested that Mommy's name wasn't James. We explained that it was an expression, etc.

Munchkin thought about it for a minute or two and then declared, "Construction, James!"


Joyce said...

LOL! I bet you'll hear that one a lot, now!

Green Resolutions said...

Cute! My 2-year-old is just getting to the age where I understand what he misunderstands. The other day, he didn't want to brush his teeth, so I gave him the option to brush his top teeth or bottom teeth. Guess what he thought I meant when I said "bottom"? YUP! He started to put the toothbrush down near his undiapered little bottom! I look forward to many more misunderstandings :)

inadvertentfarmer said...

Ohhh I love the beach. I tried to talk hubby into going to Cannon Beach to surf this weekend but we ended up at the lake instead which was beautiful but darn cold!

It is amazing when you head to the Oregon coast to get warm!!!

Donna said...

Joyce: You're probably right!

Green res: Oh! It's a good thing you caught that one in time! Thanks for your story.

inadvertentfarmer: You are so right -- I can't remember ever before going to the Oregon coast to get warm! You much be local -- glad you had a good time at the lake!