Monday, January 5, 2009

How was he to know?

As we visited some friends in their new home yesterday, I overheard Munchkin address the 4-year-old daughter's doll as, "Mr. Baby."

The little girl promptly and adamantly corrected, "It's Mrs. Baby!"


Joyce said...

One of my boys had a Cabbage Patch doll (remember those?) that was bald. So of course the doll's name was Grandpa Baby! It's funny when boys play with dolls; they enjoy it, but it's a whole different scene than when girls play with them. Our boys' dolls spent much less time in the doll bed and much more time having "adventures" (i.e. parachuting down the stairwell!).Is that different parenting style hardwired or modeled? Can't tell.

Donna said...

Grandpa Baby! That's funny! (BTW, I think it's hard-wired!)