Friday, February 27, 2009

Big kid

In the grocery store this afternoon, as Munchkin and I approached a line for the checker, Munchkin started making all sorts of silly sounds. He asked me what "they" would do when they heard him, and then he continued his noise. I didn't have the chance to answer before I heard an equally silly noise from behind me. A bent over old man (maybe in his 80's?) from the next checker line over was matching Munchkin's sound effects.

Munchkin was stunned at first, but then he broke into a big smile and said, "beep, beep!"

The man beeped back and then said, "When I was your age, the cars didn't go 'beep, beep,' they went, 'ga-goo-ga!'" He didn't sound like I do when I say, "ga-goo-ga" -- he sounded like a car.


Green Resolutions said...

This is so heart-warming. I still remember an older gentleman, who was in the checkout line in front of us, buying two chocolate candies and then handing one to each my sister and me. We were probably 4 and 6. I hope your Munchkin remembers the sound effects man for a long time!

dogear6 said...

Whenever my Dad would cough, my half-brother's little munchkin would always cough back at my Dad. One night my Dad was out for supper and he coughed. From the other side of the restaurant came a return cough! Sure enough, my half-brother and his family were out for supper that night too. Everyone had a good chuckle over it.

Donna said...

Green res: What a sweet story, and especially that you remember it. Thanks for sharing.

dogear: That's hilarious!