Monday, February 16, 2009

Couldn't be...

The other evening at dinner Munchkin was a little whiny. We had just about had enough when he started pleading to hear a story. During dinner. Scott said no and tried to get Munchkin to finish his food, but Munchkin kept begging.

Finally, Scott said, "I'd like a nice quiet and peaceful meal, so you see we all don't get what we want." Munchkin burst into giggles. He laughed his cute little head off. Scott and I looked at each other. Could he actually have gotten the joke?

It was a little while before we calmed Munchkin down and then Scott asked what was so funny. Munchkin said he laughed because Daddy said we all don't get what we want. We asked, "What did Daddy want?" Munchkin answered, "He wanted me to eat my fruit!"

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