Friday, February 13, 2009

We've got a cow in our fridge!

Well, OK, technically it's a quarter of a cow and it's in our freezer, but it sounds funnier that way! We enjoyed the pig so much that we also went in on a share of a cow our friends were raising. We had no idea how much meat there would be, and so we just guessed that a quarter might be about right.

The cow finally had his date with destiny and I took Munchkin to the butcher shop to pick up our share. It's a good thing we only got a quarter! There was about 95 pounds of meat -- ground beef, steaks, roasts, soup bones, cuts I don't even recognize. I had to arrange it all so the freezer door would close! It's going to be fun to have a butcher's meat counter selection available, and at a per pound cost that is cheaper than the grocery store. I'll report back how it works out, but from first impressions, I'd recommend doing something like this to any meat eaters who have the freezer space.

There isn't much of the pig left -- maybe 10 one-pound packages of sausage and two pounds of bacon that I am rationing bit by bit as long as possible. The 90 pounds of pork lasted about 18 months with that left over, so I expect the beef will last about the same. Now, if I could just get my friends to raise chickens... Don't think I haven't suggested it. :)


kprause said...

We bought an extra chest freezer a year or so ago because we became addicted to having a cow, a pig and chickens in our freezer (along with all the summer bounty that I froze). I love going grocery shopping in my cellar!

Sorry you've got the bug - drink lots of tea and get some rest!

Donna said...

kprause: Thanks for dropping by! I agree, grocery shopping in the cellar (or in our case, the garage) is the best!

Tea and rest sounds really good today. You must have come over from Kim's blog. :)

kale for sale said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. Growing up we always had a homegrown cow in the freezer. Grandma would take me to the freezer to choose a package for dinner and I'd read the names on the packages and she'd explain what part of the cow they came from and how to cook them. I haven't remembered that for years and only now appreciate what a good education that was. This was after I learned that beef and a cow were the same thing however. Enjoy. I suspect it's going to even better than having a grocery store in the garage.

Lampreydog-misc said...
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Donna said...

kale: I'm feeling much better now, thank you. That was a wonderful education you had! As for the beef/cow thing, we haven't explained the connection to Munchkin, yet. We're afraid that if he knows it's really cow, he won't eat it!