Friday, March 6, 2009

Adorable Day

Happy Adorable Day, everybody!

In honor of Adorable Day, Munchkin is dressing up in a "bunny suit." Maybe I should explain...
Wednesday, we went to the library and picked up a new load of books. One of the books was about firemen, and there was a page where the firemen, Jimmy and Gary, were wearing hazmat suits, which they call "bunny suits." That was all Munchkin needed. He has carted around the book for the last three days while he cleans up hazmat spills around the house. His suit looks suspiciously like his pajamas, so I made him a little helmet.

For those unfamiliar with Adorable Day, it is celebrated on the first Friday in March, or whenever after that you remember it. To celebrate Adorable Day, do something adorable. It can be as simple as taking a picture of your adorable kid, or cooking an adorable dinner, or doing something for your adorable spouse. The possibilities are endless.

Scott and I invented Adorable Day about 10 years ago and have celebrated it ever since. He wanted to bring our balloon blower to work this morning to blow balloon animals for his co-workers, but found out this morning that we didn't have enough balloons left to do it. But it was an adorable idea.

For more adorable stuff, check out this site for some adorable pictures.


Green Resolutions said...

Love the idea of adorable day and LOVE, LOVE the helmet!!

Donna said...

Green res: Thanks a bunch!