Friday, March 13, 2009

I bet he does

Sorry I've been so quiet this week -- I've been sick, as has Munchkin. We've got different bugs, so let's hope we don't pass them back and forth or give one of them to Scott. Anyway, this evening I commented that I was really tired of blowing my nose. Munchkin suggested that he and daddy could climb into my nose with tools and fix it. So naturally, Scott suggested that what they really needed was an auger.

Munchkin didn't know what an auger was, so Scott described it. Munchkin then said that he had seen one before. He said, "Grandpa keeps it next to his Dangerous Saws."


Daisy said...

Just don't show them a Neti Pot!

kale for sale said...

My favorite tool with a cold - tissues with aloe built into them. I don't know how they do it but honestly it speeds up the healing not having my nose rubbed red but smoothly soothed instead. Fast recoveries to you and the little guy.

Donna said...

Daisy: We've got one, and we won't. :) Thanks for dropping by.

kale: I used those aloe tissues a while back and then forgot about them. Boy, would I like to have a box right now. Thanks for reminding me.