Sunday, March 8, 2009

Learning curve

Munchkin is learning about the calendar at preschool. Tuesday, we were riding in the car when he started reciting the days of the week all out of order. He's always had trouble with that.

Thursday, Scott reported that Munchkin recited his days of the week mixing up only one, which is a kind of record.

Friday, out of the blue, Munchkin announced, "Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month!" Shocked, I confirmed his statement. Munchkin replied, "That's when they do the kids' stuff at Home Depot." (Last November, we learned that there are workshops for kids at Home Depot on the first Saturday of each month, but we've never remembered to take Munchkin to one of the workshops. To my knowledge, we haven't talked about it since November.)

I shared the story with Scott, and so Friday evening he asked Munchkin how he knew so much. Munchkin said very matter of factly, "I have a memory like a steel trap."

(Sadly, by Saturday, Munchkin was running a 101 degree fever and was in no shape to go to the workshop. But it turns out they're running the workshops every Saturday this month. We'll try again -- I think he's earned it.)


Green Resolutions said...

Sorry Munchkin is sick! I hope he's better now.

That's cute that he remembers The Home Depot workshops. My nephew built a wooden car there a few months ago and loved it!

Donna said...

Green res: Thanks for the well wishes. I took him to the dr. today and it looks like he's going to be miserable for another 2-4 days. Poor kid. The workshops do look like fun! I'm hoping to take Munchkin to one as soon as he's well enough.

Green Bean said...

Aw, what a cutie. Thankfully he can hit the next workshop. :) Hope he's all better now.

Donna said...

green bean: Thanks for the well wishes. He's finally almost back to his normal energy level today -- this bug knocked him out for a whole week!