Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What do you make of this?

I'm not much of a doom-and-gloom sort of person, and I usually dismiss the-sky-is-falling newsflashes out of hand, and this one sounds like the things I usually attribute to crackpots, but I've got a lot of respect for this guy.

A while back I mentioned a letter written by Times Square Church pastor David Wilkerson about the present economic collapse. Whether his total prophecy will come true or not still remains to be seen -- it's not over til it's over -- although for many people it's already come true. Anyway, David Wilkerson has another letter out and this one is totally alarming. The website policies state that I can't post an excerpt, so here's the link. In short, he's prophesying that a major catastrophe is coming to the US, soon, and he's stocking up on 30 days of supplies to prepare for it.

The letter sounds like the crackpot letters I normally dismiss. It really does. But David Wilkerson isn't a crackpot and he has a history of giving prophecies that turn out to be correct. So I don't know what to make of this. I sure hope he's lost it on this one. What do you think?


Joyce said...

Interestingly, I just got an e-mail this morning from a good friend in San Clemente, who thinks we are closing in on the end times, and gave me her reasons. This woman is one of the most level-headed, traditional Presbyterians I know.

It's enough to make me head to the grocery store, and then home to read the Word!

dogear6 said...

I have followed Dave Wilkerson and been privileged to hear him speaking live before an audience. His advice has no down side. Will it happen? Both him and Pat Robertson have been accurate on a number of things about this country. I think his counsel is worth heeding.

Donna said...

Joyce: Interesting. I wonder what's going on. And yeah, I headed to the Word, too.

dogear6: That's great that you got to hear him speak! And you have a really good point that Dave's advice has no down side. Anyone who works with disaster-preparedness would probably counsel everyone to have supplies regardless.

Joyce said...

After listening to the radio this morning, with the G20 nations actually bringing up th idea of a worldwide currency, etc., I'm really starting to wonder. Believe me, I don't ususally get very amped up about end-times prophesy, but there is some very wierd stuff being discussed by the G20.

On a happier note, Illinoisian are practically dncing in the streets about the ex-governor's 19 count indictment! Maybe we can send the bunch to jail and start with a clean slate!

Donna said...

Hi Joyce: I haven't heard anything about the G20, but will have to keep an ear out. I suppose every generation thinks they are at the end times, but now we have enough technology to imagine how some of this stuff could take place. I think this is different than before.

Hey, congrats on your ex-gov. It seems they always weasle out of the charges, but maybe you'll really get him!

dogear6 said...

With this swine flu, David's prophecy might be on its way here.

Donna said...

dogear6: I had the same thought myself. It doesn't explain the riots, though.