Thursday, April 2, 2009

Market Day

Earlier this winter, I discovered a tiny farmers' market nestled behind a local bakery. It's probably going away soon when our larger market opens for the season, and I'll miss it because this tiny market is just my speed.

Last Saturday was rare in that I didn't really need to buy anything that is sold at the market, but I was out and about with my husband, who had never been there, and my son, who begged to go say "hi" to the "egg lady" who knitted him a hat. We were in the neighborhood, so we dropped by.

The "egg lady" recognized us at once, and didn't seem to mind a bit that we didn't need any eggs. Instead, she entertained us with stories about her mischievious geese who sit on duck eggs (or was it ducks who sit on goose eggs) and she gave Munchkin a pretty postcard while explaining that the lovely duck whose photograph is on the card is a real pain in the you-know-what. We left her booth smiling.

Another farmer I know isn't there anymore since she ran out of apples two weeks ago, so we bought apples from a different farmer who appeared to be totally delighted to sell to us. (Some of the apples turned out to be pretty mealy -- maybe she was glad to get rid of them!) We've been so spoiled by the great tasting apples from the sold-out farmer that we're joining her CSA when it opens for the season and if it turns out she needs me, I'm going to host a CSA pick-up location.

I love eating local.


kale for sale said...

I do too. And like you, for more reasons than the food.

Daisy said...

I love eating local, too. We buy eggs from a co-worker who lives on a small farm, and I adore our Farmers' Market when it's in season. Right now the indoor market is more crafts. Ah, spring, come quickly!

Donna said...

kale: It's fun isn't it!

Daisy: That's the best way to buy eggs! The weather is warming up, I'm sure you'll get more farmers' market veggies soon. :)
Thanks for dropping by.

awalkthroughthevalley said...

I love eating local. During the summer we all load up and go to the Farmer's market to get our produce for the week and support the vendors. This one little stand has the most wonderful little tacos they make, yumm. We eat dinner there and make an afternoon of it!


Donna said...

awalk: That sounds just like us. My favorite is bruschetta that I get from one little stand - it's wonderful! Thanks for dropping by.