Monday, May 4, 2009

The hidden cost of preschool (update)

This morning I called the insurance and was told that we have a previously-unknown-to-me clause in Munchkin's policy that says that they waive the deductible if the medical care is due to an accident. Once they were convinced that Munchkin's accident didn't occur at work (dragging a pretend fire hose doesn't count as "work"), they said we're home free! The doc's office probably owes us a refund on the amount we already paid. How often does that happen?!


Green Bean said...

Aw, hope he's feeling better. Are you sure dragging a pretend fire hose is not work? Better check with Munchkin because, according to my two boys, it would qualify. ;-)

Donna said...

GB: Yeah, Munchkin thinks he's working, too. Good thing he doesn't set the policy for the insurance. :)