Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

As a Mothers' Day present, Scott offered to fix a couple things around the house that needed fixing. I'm not sure if it was more for me or for Munchkin. As they worked, Scott whispered to me, "The tool box wasn't really necessary." :)


kale for sale said...

When something gets fixed at our house it generally needs a new tool and has to be fixed tomorrow because today is spent getting the new tool. I don't understand the whole process but eventually things do get fixed. And yes, it is a most wonderful gift when they do.

Donna said...

Kale: Decisions to fix something around our house usually are accompanied by a request for a new power tool. :)

dogear6 said...

It is a great gift for Mother's Day and a wonderful memory for your hubby & son.

I always dreaded when my hubby walked through the hardware department - he could always find a tool that he might need someday. Now he has our daughter doing the same thing! She is your age - we're empty nesters and he has taught her to fix up her own house. No matter where we are, the two of them are always scanning for something they just have to have.

- Nancy